About Us
Our website connects you to award experts to find and help you book flight using your miles.
In our experience majority of the airline web sites do not display all possible available awards and when you call an airline they are not able to put or research complex trips. Our award experts are knowledgeable in this field and most of the time can help you plan trip better the phone agents or website.
We are a central location to handle whole transaction with you in putting your travel details, processing payments, choosing award your expert and getting details on how to book an award. Unlike other websites we handle a whole transaction on one site, and you get an option of getting most knowledgeable professional who helps you get the most out of your miles.
Booking Information
Even though we do not support or recommend award expert booking a trip for you, in a request notes you can put a requirement for an award expert to book your trip!
In order for an award expert to book your award, he or she will require an access to your personal information, such as passwords for award accounts, personal information and any other personal information that may be accessed.
If you still decided to let award expert book your trip for you, we recommend that you change your password or account details before award booking, and changing it back after award have been booked.
In case you decided to let award expert book a trip for you, provide this information only after sample itinerary have been provided and you have accepted it.
Award expert is required to provide detailed itinerary, estimated taxes and fee, and number of miles required and detailed steps on booking it. Those steps can be instructions on how to call an airline, what and how to request this award or if it can be accomplished on a website how to make this booking there.
Payment information
During a submission of your travel plans, we preauthorize your credit card for the amount it would cost to make this booking. Once award expert completes his job and you accept this trip, your charge will be finalize.
During preauthorization some banks automatically complete a charge, if your trip was cancelled either by you or with the agreement of an award expert your charge should be reversed back. If you still believe there was an error contact us (using a contact us button at the bottom of the page), and we will promptly research this issue.
We have a high level of security on our website, and there are instances where we could not let authorization go thru even if bank authorized it. You should see this preauthorization dropped from your account within 30 business days (based on your bank). We recommend to check your credit card details and resubmit your trip.
In rare instances we have to blacklist some users if we believe that user was inappropriately using award service. Once we blacklist a user we use sophisticated software to make sure that he can register and place a different award request with a different credit card information, address or name.
There are multiple reason why a user was blacklisted from our website, such as; There was a Chargeback reported from credit card company after a completed of award reservation. Award expert completed his part, and traveler didn’t accept it itinerary in time. There was multiple times when award was cancelled after accepting and choosing award expert. Those are just some of the reasons why user account access was restricted.
To be removed from being blacklisted contact us, and we will review your request. All requests are individually reviewed and decision is made on multiple factors.
Contact Information
We want you to be completely satisfied with our services and award travel experts, therefore we have 24 business hours response time for every contact request.
Or goal is to respond to your question within 24 business hours, we respond to all enquires using email, with a rare exceptions of calling back. When you fill out a contact us form please remember to leave your return information so we may contact you.